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Bulk sms in Hyderabad

Company Profile

Our Core Competency across the entire range of our bouquet of products/services is built on the premise of keeping it simple, relevant, and focused, so as to optimize functionality, maximize experience and deliver customer delight. In an increasingly dynamic world the greatest challenge is to keep it simple, while delivering the most complex products/services. reliancesms.com Work Culture is fully in tune with the decade of Smart and all our resources are skillfully and meticulously deployed to ensure in-time, delivery every time and making everything leaner, flexible, resilient and smarter for our customers.


reliancesms.com always think that their employees are its most valuable assets who will drive the companys holistic growth in tandem with its cutomers, partners, associates or whomever it can be the part of the organisation.


Our vision is to be the leading IT & ITES Company in Domestic & International by 2020.


For tech companies, survival is about running your own race. The globalised market has dealt a deathblow to distances, and this has led to a paradigm shift in the strategy war room of tech companies. Under the circumstances, Customers are not looking at the world's best companies per se, but any company which can deliver their requirement, exceed their expectations, and help them move up the value chain.
At reliancesms.com, our strategic team has a phrase to describe this secularization of the market, reverse global engineering, which also forms an integral part of our think-tank tool kit. In simple terms, it can be understood as optimizing deliverables.
The world's best company is of no use to a customer if it is above his/her totem pole. At the same time, a company that can understand his requirements, and deliver value in-time, every time, is more value for his bottom line.
Here's an illustrative example of how our strategies are worked around the customer's requirement, in relation to web development and web-based solutions, a core part of our services:
The secret to making great websites is a no-brainer: Keep it simple, dynamic, relevant, and focused. Thats the talisman around which we work our core competency: Developing websites that meet the expectations of the visitors and fulfill their need.
We follow our own template of do's and don'ts, to make sure you get a website you are proud of. Your website should create a buzz around your product/service, not flash your fondness for Web 2.0 tools. The world?s greatest website is of no use if it has an audience of one, or one too little. It should draw in the traffic and catch the attention of the spider-bots of search engines, but not by resorting to foolhardy fancy do-hickies. Finally, it should provide a unique experience to the user, not intimidate or drive the visitor away.
Digital intelligence can be infused into almost any object, process or natural system that makes up the way our world works. At reliancesms.com, our IT professionals mine data from the world's best cutting edge companies and latest research findings to see how this intelligence is put to use to do almost everything from traffic flows to electric power to food supply chains more effectively.
That's how at reliancesms.com we work towards providing your business one of the best possible web solutions, for optimizing your website as per your specific business requirements.
There are new computing capabilities that can literally "reinvent" your existing IT infrastructure, and at reliancesms.com Computer Solutions, we put our best resources on the job to crystallize this tantalizing possibility for you.
Recent trends in IT industry show companies laying a lot of stress on operational metrics to measure and monitor the efficacy of strategies. At reliancesms.com while we have metrics systems in place, we look beyond them, for an assessment by metrics alone has a knack of sneaking in inconsistencies, as a latest Harvard study pointed out.
At reliancesms.com, we believe that fulfilling long-term strategy is possible only if we take one small step at a time. That's why we have devised a meticulous fail-proof breakup of the multiple processes involved in commissioning a project, as given below:


At reliancesms.com, the BOSS sits out and is not even part of the company. The Customer is our BOSS, starting from the Influentials, the promoters of the company and down to the last man in the last mile.
We believe each and every one of us is a part of the Kingdom of Aspiring Professionals. We believe our reward is not the remuneration or the perks, but the satisfied smile on the face of the customer. We believe we have REASON to fear this BOSS, for the buck truly stops there.


From the workplace to the location and working infrastructure, reliancesms.com has made every effort to develop an efficient and effective infrastructure, keeping in mind, that a great place to work is the first vital cog in the wheel of progress. However, we have taken a conscious decision to keep off the frills and freebies the one reason why our office is functional, and not flashy.
No effort is spared in pooling in all our intellectual capital to develop know-how about the latest in processing power and advanced analytics. With this knowledge at our disposal, we work assiduously to reduce cost and waste, improve efficiency and productivity and raise the quality of all our products and services.